Pontifex Contest 27 Results, Introduction


Well, there were only five contestants, but these were very selected: all of them already have a warm seat in the hall of fame. The bridges are extremely cheap - I guess that any beginner would be absolutely frustrated. So let's take it as a pro's competiton. Two weeks ago, I thought that my bridge will be cheaper than all of yours - but I had to learn (again) that in the end, the winning bridges always get cheaper than expected. Two of you have beaten me :( (for less than $ 1.000); nevertheless, I had lot's of fun building my bridge. Congrats to all participants!

As there were so few contestants, I decided to skip any summary pages but present every bridge in full size. Therefore, you'll find five pages, counting down to the first rank (on which clean and dirty bridges come in pairs) and an additional artistic bridges page (including my own creation).

As always, any feedback on the contest is welcome. Please post your impressions in this forum thread. Each of the winners will get some additional points in the Hall Of Fame. The bridge cost discussion forum is no longer password-protected until the next contest starts. For your reference, the rules/prizes page and the contest level file can still be found here.

Download all bridges in one zip (46 kb).

My thanks go out to Laze Cannon, providing us with another brilliant level and Jonathan, who scaled the images.

Last but not least let's all thank Chronic Logic for providing the prices.

On to ... the 5th place

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