Bridge Builder / Pontifex Links

Chronic Logic - Official website of the authors of Bridge Builder and Pontifex.

DarkWolfNine's unofficial Pontifex records website - A nice website with a records list for the full versions of Pontifex I and II, and also many custom levels and textures.

Pontifex Olympics - Several contests/disciplines: build contraptions in Pontifex and compete with others. Maintained by mendel.

Untitled Pontifex page - Another site with solutions for the normal and complex Pontifex levels.

 Bridge Related Links

WestPoint Bridge Designer - A freeware bridge building simulator, much more realistic than BB, well documented.

Structural Engineering Challenge - A very good shareware simulator of custom-built truss structures under load. Good documentation, too.

PBS: Building Big: All about bridges - A pretty comprehensive site with lots of info on bridges and even a small bridge design game.

Matsuo Bridges - All About Bridges Bridge types, construction, and erection - Information and examples of the basic bridge types.

Multnomah County Bridges - Pictures and descriptions of many bridges in Oregon, including some nice movable bridges.

The Bridges Project - information on types of bridges - Some pictures of different bridge types.

National Concrete Bridge Council - Bridge Types - Pictures and small bits of info on the different types of concrete bridges.

How Stuff works - Bridges - A good essay on bridge types and how they work, contains more bridge-related links. Note how the author wrongly uses red for tension and blue for compression :)

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge - The homepage of a unique bridge in England. It's just awesome.

London's Millennium Bridge - A very nice bridge homepage with some technical information about bridge engineering.

Physics Balsa Bridge Building Contest - A website about 100-gram balsa bridges

Bridge Builder poem

Nice photographs of bridges

RailroadData.Com Railroad Links Directory - Railroad links directory and search engine featuring links to over 4,000 railroad websites.

 Other Not Necessarily Related Links

PlayStation 3 Forums - Let's hope they port Gish (and BCS) ... whenever PS3 will come out.

Xspringies / WinSpringies - Freeware simulation of mass/spring systems.

Sodaplay - A nice online Java game featuring springs and weights, somewhat similar to BB.

AT robots - A freeware game where you have to program a robot which competes with others 'in a battle to the death in a simulated environment'.

Elastomania - Shareware. A game where you have to maneuver a partly elastic motorbike through static levels.

LaserTank - A nice puzzle game where you have to guide a tank through hundreds of levels, featuring a level editor.

PopCap Games - Creators of lots of nice small puzzle/arcade style games.

GeneRally - A fun free one-screen-track racing game, includes a track editor.

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