Bridge Builder

Here, you can download the demo version of Bridge Builder (there are no other versions!). It's only 122 K in size and very easy to install.


In case the installer doesn't work for you, you can also download the game files in a ZIP archive here. Only recommended if the exe file doesn't work.

 Bridge Builder Level Editors

Schlumpfine's Level Editor 0.8:
Language: English. Definitely the most versatile level editor around, Schlumpfine's tool has also got a pretty comfortable interface. Features include the ability to build complete bridges in the editor (including drawing the lines), .BMP export (optionally, for whole folders/with subfolders), numerous appearance customization options, an undo/redo function and lots more. If you need the VB runtime files, get them here.

Bridgebuilder Level Editor 0.5:
Language: English. A level editor by Sven, uses parts of Schlumpfine's code. This one has a very easy-to use interface and is also well-documented. It has some neat features like export to .DXF (for CAD software) and .BMP and a print function. Also check out the author's homepage which offers help files and the required system files (in case you need them).

 Bridge Builder Tools

Speed Hack for Windows 95/98/Me:
A very useful hack which allows you to speed up the game. Very easy to use. I recommend the "x5.7" setting. The password is '' (without the quotes).

Speed Hack for NT/XP (Chinese version):
A speed hack that works under Windows NT/2000/XP. Instructions: Set the speed slider to about 2/3 of its total width. Push the [B] button. Select the Bridge Builder executable (bridge.exe).
There's also an English version of the hack, but I couldn't get it to work. Please let me know if you succeed at this.
P.S. The hacks can be used to cheat in certain multiplayer games. But since they're freely available on the internet and are really useful in Bridge Builder, I'm offering them here as well.

'Unlocked' BB configuration file:
Overwrite your bridge.cfg with this file to unlock all 15 levels of the demo.

Money Cheat:
Sets the budget to $1000000 for each level. Just put it in the game folder and execute once. Courtesy of Mogel Power.

Load Level Pack:
A small utility for handling multiple level packs and even multiple users (!) comfortably. By Migthy M. Use at your own risk and always back up your files!! This is the first version, and problems have been encountered during testing.

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