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Well, in case someone's interested ...

The founder and former webmaster of this website is Gray. He's a student from Germany and studies computer science at the University of Stuttgart.

Since October 2004 Gray has 'retired' and I (Guilderoy) have taken over after several month being co-webmaster. I work as a lecturer (linguistics) for a German University.

 About this website

Gray's bridge building history:
As soon as Gray had finished the 15 Bridge Builder levels, he started optimizing his bridges. Of course, he soon had the idea to compare his constructions with others (he was sure he had built the cheapest bridges in the world).
So he searched the web and found only one BB fan page - (this was in January 2001). Soon, the page had a records list. It didn't get updated very often, and since he found that unacceptable, he offered the site owner his help in running the records page. This collaboration worked well, and soon they had the idea of an English 'partner website' which would be maintained by Gray. came to existence. A couple of months later, the German site got sold to and practically died very quickly. *** UPDATE *** is back!
By providing a home for the bridge building community, this site was among the things that inspired Alex Austin to found ChronicLogic and start working on Pontifex. Contest 13 was the last contest that was run by Gray. Since then contest hosting circled between some enthusiasts.

Guilderoy's bridge building history:
When a colleague gave me a copy of BridgeBuilder I was thrilled immediately. I found this page and took part in contest 8 without hesitation, although not very effective ;). Bridge gods like Genieser, Chillum, Nick or Gernot impressed me with their beautiful bridges. Since then I took part in every contest and finally managed to win contest 11. As Gray lost interest in bridge building I offered my help and ran contest 14. In October 2004 Gray officially 'retired' and the page was taken over by me.

Gray was, and I am maintaining the site in my spare time, so please excuse the update delays that occasionally happen, since I do have a Real Life(tm) and got other things to do as well. Don't forget that all this time, I didn't make any profit by running this page. However, unfortunately, web hosting isn't free ... Though, I'm very happy to be the webmaster of this website and see how many people from all over the world like it and keep coming back, be it for help or for fun.

If you enjoy visiting this page and you would like to thank Gray with more than words, maybe you could take a look at Gray's wishlist on or and make him a small present. Thank you.

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