Bridge Construction Set / Pontifex II Info

Developed by ChronicLogic

Here are some details:


- Windows & Linux versions, Mac version in the works
- Available both as a download and on CD
- Possible release of an additional tool to allow editing of the 3D models


- 3D rendered bridge
- LOD landscape
- Hardware accelerated lighting
- More detailed models
- Real-time stencil buffered shadows
- Textured, reflective water
- The levels can be decorated with props


- Single-link beams
- Rotary joints (as in Bridge Builder)
- More materials, limited ampount of materials/beams per level
- More flexible, complex terrain
- Really huge levels & bridges
- Drawbridges
- Parallel and double deck bridges
- Different trains, cars and boats
- Wind and Water effects on bridges
- Flexible level editing (multiple test phases with different trains/vehicles, etc.)


- Normal and complex editing like in Pontifex
- Multiple undo/redo function
- Copy, paste & flip functionality
- Multiple Map Pack support using sub-folders
- Multiple user profile management

Check out some screenshots from the game.

Try out the free demo or order the full version!


- Windows 98/2000 or better (Linux/Mac coming soon)
- 500 MHz CPU
- 64 MB RAM
- OpenGL compatible video card (TNT2, Voodoo3 or better)


Top Dog at Home of The Underdogs
Audience Award winner at the 2003 IGF

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