BCS / Pontifex II Demo

BCS / Pontifex II Demo (Windows) | Pontifex II Demo (Linux)

The free demo version of Pontifex II. File size is around 3.5 MB. Features 2 tutorials and 5 levels.

 Latest BCS / Pontifex II Patches

Chronic Logic BCS / Pontifex II Patches & Utilities page

Visit the official page to download the latest stuff. The current version of the game is 1.30.

 Other BCS / Pontifex II Files

Ead's Pontifex 2 bridge viewer V 0.002
First usable version of Ead's nice little bridge viewing utility. Refer to the enclosed readme file for usage instructions.

Low-res texture pack - Now included in the BCS download
Replacement textures, resized to 128x128. Installing this will fix the 'white props' problem with Voodoo video cards and also significantly improve game performance and resource consumption at the cost of blurrier object surfaces. Don't forget to read the instructions.

PFM file editor by DaCoTa
A very useful tool for creating Map Packs. Extremely easy to use.

Official Map Pack utility
Map Pack creation tool by ChronicLogic. Same functionality as DaCoTa's editor, but with a Pontifex-style GUI. Equally easy to use.

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