Bridge Builder: Interesting Bridges

Here is a collection of bridges that will impress you...

Send me your funniest, weirdest, nicest and most outrageous bridges!
The address is bridges (@) Please include a nickname or real name when submitting bridges. Also, preferably give your creations some names.

There are more good bridges in the Records section.
Wondering how to build non-standard bridges like Rollercoaster? Use a Level editor.

If you decide to download the zip files, don't forget that the game only 'sees' 24 bridge files at a time.

Many thanks to Chronic Logic for hosting the bridge files.

 Category Total Bridges New Bridges (newer than 10 days) Zip
 Funny 90 0 Download
 Nice-Looking 69 0 Download
 Creative 46 0 Download
 Crazy Level 15 33 0 Download
 Flying Train 44 0 Download
 Regular 32 0 Download

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