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The game was written by Alex Austin (now at Chronic Logic). The official Chronic Logic page is here.

The concept of Bridge Builder is simple yet brilliant. Your task is to build a bridge which has to support a passing train and stay undamaged. Actually, it doesn't necessarily have to stay undamaged, the train just has to pass to the other side safely... Each bridge element is $100 and your budget is limited. The process is simulated using a fairly realistic physics engine and rendered in real time.

There are many ways to play Bridge Builder: you can choose just to build working bridges so you can pass all levels quickly (more or less). If that's not enough, you can try to optimize your bridges to be as cost-effective as possible (see the Records section). Of course, you can also forget sommon sense and build crazy and weird bridges, try to make them look particularly nice, or even cunstruct complex mechanisms...(check out the Bridges section), just for the fun of it... The game sets no limits for your creativity!

See some screenshots of the game (800x600):

Edit mode - Simulation - Stress Analysis - Collapsing bridge

Only a 'demo' version of Bridge Builder exists. It contains 15 levels. More levels are available in the Maps/Levels section. You can also make your own levels using a level editor.

Hardware requirements:
Bridge Builder should run well on a Pentium 200 with DirectX 6 or better with a video card supporting OpenGL. The game runs best under Windows 9x/ME. Under Windows NT/2000, problems may occur. Read the FAQ if you are in trouble.
Under Linux, Bridge Builder has been reported to work flawlessly under Wine (the Open Source Windows API implementation).

Download Bridge Builder (122 K)

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