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Please use the correct e-mail address when sending me stuff, this makes it easier for me to sort the mails. You can write in English, German or Russian. If you want to compress your files, please use RAR or ZIP and don't send me self-extracting files.

Please remove the spaces and parentheses from the e-mail address when sending e-mail. I'm trying to reduce the amount of spam I get...

BB record bridges: records (@)
Pontifex (demo) record bridges: pfxrecords (@)
Please include the level name/number and a nickname or real name when submitting record bridges.

Bridges not intended for the records list: bridges (@)
Please include a nickname or real name when submitting non-record bridges. Also, preferably give your creations some names.
For Pontifex and Pontifex II bridges, if you can attach nice small (300x300) screenshots of the bridges, I'll upload them.
Please compress your Pontifex II bridge files!!

Custom levels: levels (@)

Everything else: info (@)

Please don't mail me about particular problems with the games, I haven't got the time to help everyone myself. Use the forum to discuss everything with fellow bridge builders. Thank you.

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