Bridge Builder Custom Levels

Many thanks to everyone who contributed custom levels!
Post your questions or comments on the levels in the forum.
Bridge Builder level editors are available in the Files section.
If you want your levels to appear on this page, send them to levels (@)


For Map Packs: Some Map Packs offer specific installation instructions or even automatic install routines. If you want to install a Map Pack by yourself, the most convenient way to do this is to make a copy of the complete game folder (it's pretty small) and replace the level files, this way you don't have to swap files around later.

For single levels: just copy them to the "level" folder of the game (the filenames should be, XX = 01 to 15) and they should work. Of course, you'll have to overwrite the original files, so it's best to backup them first. The corresponding bridge files (bridgexx.bdg) should also be deleted or renamed.

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