BCS Contest 26 Results, Introduction


Contest 26 was the first with complete Map Pack. Adding the fact that many of the levels are either tricky or bluntly hard, I guess it's safe to assume that it was an epic in this fruitful community.

My first idea was to release the Map Pack and issue a simpler challenge. You all, depending on your thoughts, are to blame or thank Guilderoy for very subtly and efficiently guiding me to host a fully-fledged contest. No, Iím not complaining! Hosting a contest is, as some already know, a lot of work (OK, this one was perhaps rather special ...) but also a lot of fun. Seeing my own test bridges being flatly beaten or withstanding the test, or rather the contest, was very rewarding. Maybe, after all, Iíll get a special medal for cheap labour ;). I received no less than 191 valid entries, 134 of them 'final' entries, and 15 artistic bridges, apart from several non valid or just rule check bridges! 9 of you submitted bridges for all 12 levels Ė congratulations! 3 more sent at least 6 bridges and 4 more sent bridges for just one level.

Well, letís go to the results and they are reasonably democratic, because no less than 10 of you made it to the individual podium places and 6 to the first place!!!

As I stated in the rules, regularity should be the buzzword for this contest and it proved to be exactly that: the biggest gold winner is not the overall winner. Go clicking to find why ...

This introduction would not be complete without a big thanks to both Guilderoy, for making a good part of the work and making me do the rest ;-) and to ead, to keep 'the rest' to a manageable amount ... What, you donít know eadís bridge viewer???!!! Tsk, tsk, tskÖ


There is one page for each level, followed by an overall-winners page, the artistic bridges and Ricleite's bridges. We abstained from providing a all-bridges-zip file this time (would have been too big), but you'll find zip's including all bridges for each level on the corresponding pages. Have fun with the results!

On to ... Level 01

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