Pontifex II Contest 13 Results


The '2 clean categories' concept has worked pretty well. Allowing or disallowing cables really did matter a lot, since the bridges built using cables were only about half as expensive as the metal-only ones. I got 33 legit entries this time, plus 8 disqualified/excess entries.

The level wasn't too difficult to 'solve', but making a bridge cheap sure required lots of work - and creative ideas were an incredibly important factor, since Pontifex II arch building hasn't been thoroughly explored until now, i.e. there was no standard technique that had to be adapted. The contestants had to explore different new approaches without having lots of references. In spite of that (or actually because of that), the results were incredible. You'll see lots of different techniques being used to build fascinating structures - I'm sure everyone will learn something new from the bridges on the following pages.

Unfortunately, the level terrain turned out to be an issue due to some tricky beam-ground intersections with some bridges. I should have designed the level a bit more carefully - lesson learned. The center spike seems to have worked pretty well though - everyone has managed to build their bridge around it, which sometimes required non-standard techniques.

Once again, a quick reminder: read the rules carefully before submitting!

As always, any feedback on the contest is welcome. Please post your thoughts in this forum thread.

Each of the winners will get an eternal place in the Hall Of Fame (if he doesn't have one yet) once I get the necessary information from them.

The bridge cost discussion forum is no longer password-protected until the next contest starts.

For your reference, the rules/prizes page and the contest level file can still be found here.

Now, the results:

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