BCS Contest 26 Results, Inventor / Artistic / Lottery Prizes

The Inventor Prize Winners

Supaplex for his Level 04 bridge

inventor Name: Supaplex
Cost: $ 32211
A very interesting iron middle section


ead for his Level 06 brigde

inventor Name: ead
Cost: $ 24968
Who needs rigid cable?


MIKO for his Level 08 bridge

inventor Name: MIKO
Cost: $ 17117
A great, asymmetric, right part


Ricleite for his Level 11 bridge

inventor Name: Ricleite
Cost: $ 24409
"The original cheap idea for the level"


The Artistic Prize Winners

Fuyyzlogik for his Level 5 bridge (crazy category)

artist Name: Fuyyzlogik
Cost: doesn't matter


JPaiva2000 for his Level 4 bridge (reasonable category)

artist Name: JPaiva2000
Cost: doesn't matter
Much prettier when seen from above


The Lottery Winners

As ead has generously abandoned his prize, we have the pleasure to give away three free Chronic Logic games to three of the eleven architects that have built at least six bridges for the contest (Solo, Fuyyzlogik, Naruto, Shenryyr, JPaiva, Supaplex, Ben-Oh, Lorsini, MIKO, Space, Speedfreak227). And the winners (picked by a random function) are ...




I've sent your mail adress to Chronic Logic and they will contact you soon. As all of seem to have a full version of BCS I recommend Pontifex I (the next contest will be a Pontifex I contest. Congrats to all winners!



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