Pontifex Contest 24 Results


These are the results for the 24th bridge building contest.

The number of submission was extraordinary high again. Some impressive numbers:

  • all in all 69 accepted submission,
  • a few disqualified and
  • many double improved sent-ins so that there are
  • all in all over 100 submissions!

The level was wide as never before. This was surely too wide! So, everybody who participated for the first time: don't worry, being below 80k on the clean category is extremely good and the next contest levels won't be that wide! I promise! :)
To build a dirty bridge you needed even more luck than bridgebuilding skill because it needs much time or luck to find the right delay! If the delay is not the right, some cars just fall and cannot go on driving.

Feedback, please!

As always, any feedback on the contest is welcome. Please post your impressions in this forum thread. Each of the winners will get an eternal place in the Hall Of Fame (if he doesn't have one yet) once Guilderoy gets the necessary information from them. The bridge cost discussion forum is no longer password-protected until the next contest starts. For your reference, the rules/prizes page and the contest level file can still be found here.


For the title of the best ARTISTIC bridge, I ask you to vote for your candidate in this forum poll (link follows). The poll will be closed after one week.

Next Contest

The next contest will be a BCS contest again and it will start on Friday, April 1st and end on Sunday, May 1st. The level will be provided by Chillum and Guilderoy will probably be your host. I hope to see you all back then.

Special Thanks

First of all, let's all thank Chronic Logic for providing the three prizes and especially for the contest version of BCS!

Extra Special Thanks

Everybody who submitted a bridge! I hope you enjoyed building the bridges, reading and posting on the forum and everything else!


I'm real sorry about the bad quality of the screenshots but because of the size of the level I had to make two screenshots of each bridge and then stich them together. The next time the shots will be of better qualitiy again! If you want to see the details of a bridge, it is strongly recommended that you download the bridge!
Please excuse also the absence of comments on the summary page.

Now ... the RESULTS!

This time the number of participants was clearly so that the number of result pages can be "standard":


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