Bridge Builder Contest 23 Results

CLEAN, 3rd place - Bridge Captain

Name: Ricleite
Cost: $8300

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Well, some of you may think now: Only the 3rd place for Ricleite? But he already stated in the forums that Bridgebuilder isn't his favorite game ;). In fact, this bridge wasn't the only $8300 bridge (one of you guys knows very well), but the other builder was a few days faster than Ricleite. Anyway, congratulations to Ricleite for another title in the HoF (if Guilderoy manages to update it)!


DIRTY, 3rd place - Bridge Bandit

Name: Ricleite
Cost: $5900

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Wow! Double bronze for Ricleite! Albeit Ricleite was unlucky to have sent in too late for silver in the clean category, he was lucky with his dirty bridge. Poor JPaiva has sent his $5900 dirty bridge only three days later than Ricleite. It's very interesting to compare these two bridges from Portugal. One bridge could only be cheaper on the right isle the other on the left supports. But time counts! Congratulations for another title, Ricleite!



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