BCS Contest 22 Results - ARTISTIC bridges: the Nominees

ARTISTIC bridges: the Nominees

Click on the images to download the bridges.

Or just get all nominated ARTISTIC bridges in one ZIP. WARNING! The file size of the "All nominated ARTISTIC bridges archive" is 2,975 KB. Or download ALL ARTISTIC bridges in one ZIP (including the nominees). File size: 11,595 KB

There were lots of ARTISTIC bridges that would have been worth being nominated, but I had to make some preselection, sorry. Everybody is invited to vote for her/his favourite! The images alone shouldn't be the basis for your decision. Therefore, I strongly recommend to download at least the nominated ARTISTIC bridges and watch them in action before you cast your vote! If you're using the demo, you have to rename the files one after another to contest22.pfb to watch them.

Nominated ARTISTIC Bridges - sorted alphabetically

 Cost  Name  Bridge
 $293512  Bechselwu  
 $291767  Bechselwu  
turning design + nice shapes
 $98217  Diedummenschimpansen  
open the door!
 $128086  DutchEngineerMan  
 $81904  Ead  
wet trucks and two riggs (inspired by Water World)
 $100000  Fartan  
very beautiful
 $79432  Jim  
the yellow tower
 $110272  JPaiva  
pling plang
 $174385  JPaiva  
 $119231  LORSINI  
banana split (should be yellow)
 $35881  Taiguen  
nice mechanism and lines
 $71026  Zoltan  
the two towers

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