Pontifex Contest 21 Results


Here are the results for the 21st bridge building contest.

The number of submission was very low this time. This is most likely due to the decreasing populary of Pontifex I. The spectacular level provided by Laze Cannon was not too hard to solve. Nevertheless, we have all in all 15 bridges and all of them are absolutely fantastic and have a very high standard.

As always, any feedback on the contest is welcome. Please post your impressions in this forum thread. Each of the winners will get an eternal place in the Hall Of Fame (if he doesn't have one yet) once Guilderoy gets the necessary information from them. The bridge cost discussion forum is no longer password-protected until the next contest starts. For your reference, the rules/prizes page and the contest level file can still be found here.

The next contest will be on BCS and it will start on Saturday, October 2nd.

Last but not least let's all thank Chronic Logic for providing the prices.

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