Bridge Builder Contest 19 Results


The number of participants in contest 19 was relatively high. In the end, there were 55 clean, 27 dirty and nine artistic entries. I don't know why there were that many entries. Maybe because of the prizes, maybe because there were two levels. I think level 1 may have been too easy. I'm sure that everyone who participated had lots of fun building the bridges.

Anyway, receiving all the bridges was a great pleasure. Six of the 33 clean level1 bridges are put together using less then 70 beams and five of the twelve dirty level1 bridges are built for less then $7000. Six of the 22 clean level2 bridges are built for less then $14000 and six of the 15 dirty level2 bridges are built for less then $10000. But, although there were many pairs and triples of bridges with the same cost and building good bridges fast was important once again, it wasn't as close.

As always, any feedback on the contest is welcome. Please post your thoughts in this forum thread. Each of the winners (4 single level category winners and the special title winners) will get an eternal place in the Hall Of Fame (if he doesn't have one yet) once Gray gets the necessary information from them. The bridge cost discussion forum is no longer password-protected until the next contest starts. For your reference, the rules/prizes page and the contest level file can still be found here.

Last but not least I'd like to thank Gray and Mendel for their help and Chronic Logic for providing the prices. Running this contest was a great pleasure and a privilege.

Now, I won't put you on the rack anymore, the results:

This contest was hosted by diedummenschimpansen.

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