BCS Contest 18 Results 2

Level A, 3rd place - Bridge Captain

Name: Fartan
Cost: $ 14,450

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Towards the end of this contest Ricleite unconsciously shocked the competitors with his *well below 15k* statement. He could not know that a lot of champions and other experienced bridge builders were 'only' very close to or closely below 15k (e.g. ead ($ 14,987), Echmech ($ 15,275), the newcomer Der_Tobel ($ 15,451) and Nick ($ 15,729)). Instead, others managed to outpace the pros and I'm very happy to announce a third place for Fartan. After a rank eight in contest 16, he made a great leap forward this time and has to be added to the list of bridge-pros in the future! If you have a closer look at this structure, you'll notice that several hours of work have been invested. I especially admire the 'unsupported' piers on both sides. (Please excuse the quality of the screenshots. I recommend to download the bridges and to watch them work!)



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