Pontifex Contest 15 Results

CLEAN, 3rd place - Bridge Captain

medal red-bronze Name: Nick
Cost: $ 90750

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Another contest, another Bridge Captain title for Nick. It seems the $100k barrier has separated the winners from the losers, and this intricate cable-stayed design not only got Nick into the sub-100k category, but also almost nearly got him in the sub $90k category. While we have some serious optimization, that's still a lot of cable. Maybe Nick's time would have been better spent trying different strategies?

Nick clean



DIRTY, 3rd place - Bridge Bandit

medal blue-bronze Name: Gernot
Cost: $ 61728

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In the battle of cable-stayed dirty bridges, Gernot's places third. Did Guilderoy (4th, at $65528) have his own crossed cable idea used against him? He posted a question about it's legality for all to read in the cost discussion forum, and here we have Gernot's bridge using the same technique (albeit on the sides instead of the center). Only Gernot will ever know..

Gernot dirty


How can you improve on Gernot's already minimal cable-stayed bridge? How cheap can these clean bridges get?

On to ... Bridge Major and Bridge Mafioso!

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